5 Simple Self-Improvement Tips For Personal Development

Now is the time to start being a better person with these self-improvement tips for personal development.

We too often make decisions based more on emotion than a factually based review of our life to date. Take a factual account of the past year and the areas where you wished you were better at doing. It could be health, diet, relationships, or maybe work ethic. Some wish they were better parents and had more patience with the kids. Maybe it was being passed up for promotions. There are no doubt many things you can do to improve yourself and this self-improvement checklist can help you identify those things.

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These five self-improvement tips for personal development focus on mindsets and attitudes that you can easily change. We provide tactical things that you can actually go out and do on an average day. Meditation can help you achieve these tips.

5 Simple Self-Improvement Tips For Personal Development

1. Gratitude – People who are grateful tend to feel fewer toxic emotions like anger, jealousy, and regret. They feel healthier, they have less pain and they sleep better and they have better self-esteem.

woman in field - self-improvement tips for personal developmentHaving more gratitude can be as simple as making the decision to consciously look for things in your life that you appreciate. It is handy to use something as a reminder that prompts you to take a minute for an exercise in gratitude. It can be an object on your desk, a bracelet, or something on your phone screen. Just make sure it is something that you see or glance at periodically throughout the day. This is the easiest of the 5 self-improvement tips for personal development. You will find that in no time it will become a habit.

If your personality is to have more structure, you can start a gratitude journal. Use a notebook or download a journal app and take a few minutes once or twice a day to write down a few things that you are grateful for. These can be big things like family and friends, or small things like having a few extra minutes to grab a coffee before work. Anything you can think of is great.

The key is that you don’t just say that you’re thankful for them. You need to take a moment and really feel appreciation for them. Thoughts are fleeting, but real feelings hang around. Having gratitude means overtaking those negative emotions.

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2. Mindfulness – Mindfulness is all about being more conscious of the present moment. Your awareness should be on what you are presently doing, your surroundings, and who you are with or is around you instead of on things that are stressing you out.

Studies on mindfulness have shown that it improves mood, reduces stress and anxiety, lessens depressive symptoms, and improves general health. To introduce mindfulness into your routine you may need some kind of prompt. You can use the same ones as in gratitude above. When you see your prompt, take a moment to focus on the present and your surroundings. You can also use bookends. Bookends are a routine of creating a mindfulness habit thought out the day and in the morning right after you wake up and at night right before you go to bed.

A bookend that is easy is to concentrate on the pace of your breathing. Or it could involve holding something that makes you notice the texture and the weight of the item. The bookend method does not have to be anything that takes longer than a minute. Once you get used to taking a minute here and there to feel mindful, you won’t need a prompt anymore. You may even find opportunities in your day for improving your mindfulness like when you’re waiting in line, watching TV, or out with friends.

If you suffer from anxiety or have the occasional stressful days consider adding 15 to 20 minutes of mindfulness meditation into your daily routine. It will definitely boost your mood and help you become more mindful. This is one of our favorite self-improvement tips for personal development.

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3. Organization – Some of us really struggle with this! If you’re already obsessed with your planner and have printed labels on every jar in your pantry, you probably don’t need organizational skills on your checklist, but chances are you are like most people. We forget an appointment now and then or misplace things here and there.

Let’s start by organizing your home. It’s, a simple thing to do, and once it’s done it doesn’t require much upkeep to keep it that way. When things are organized they are easier to find when you need them.

Next, get yourself a calendar, calendar app, or a planner and start filling in all of your appointments, deadlines, and events. This can greatly contribute to success at work or school or in your life in general. While it is one of the more difficult self-improvement tips for personal development, it will make you more reliable for your friends and family.

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4. Assertiveness – working on being more assertive should definitely be part of your 2021 self-improvement personal development. Many people, don’t feel comfortable standing up for themselves, but it’s, important to speak up so that your needs are met and not being overlooked. This is the trickiest of the 5 self-improvement tips for personal development,

Being assertive can impact your life in such significant ways. When you’re assertive in relationships you are more likely to have your needs met. When you make a point of telling your friends, family, and even romantic partners what you need, you make it clear that your needs are important. When you are assertive but polite, at work your boss or coworkers will take notice in a positive way, a promotion or raise for your work may be more likely to happen. It’s, amazing how your life can change when you advocate yourself in a firm in a polite way.

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5. Over-Coming Fear – Most people are afraid of something and for a lot of people those fears can impact them in big ways. If you’ve got fears that are getting in your way of life or becoming more successful, 2021 is the year to get over them. We all know that it’s easier said than done. Overcoming fear may just be the hardest of the 5 self-improvement tips for personal development. But, if fear is holding you back why not at least try to move past it? It might sound cliche, but the best way to get over a fear is to face it.

Prevention therapy also called systematic desensitization is a great method to use. It involves slowly exposing to what you’re, afraid of monitoring the reaction, letting the anxiety subside, and then repeating the process.

If your fear is more abstract, like a fear of a commitment or getting sick, try seeking a therapist talking with a professional can help.

Which of these self-improvement tips for personal development do you plan to work on this year?

5 Simple Self-Improvement Tips For Personal Development5 Simple Self-Improvement Tips For Personal Development5 Simple Self-Improvement Tips For Personal Development